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  1. Payment: 

The renter agrees to pay the following fees by the agreed upon dates.

A deposit of 50% of the total rental amount is due upon booking. 

The remaining total amount is due five (5) days before the event. 

Payments can be made by (specify method - cash, zelle, debit card, credit card). 

If the amounts above are not paid by or before the due dates, the reservation will be canceled. (Or alternative consequences). 


  1. Cleaning & Repairs: 

The renter will have 30 minutes from the start of their rental time to report any damages, etc.


The renter shall be responsible for removing all their belongings, garbage, and any items not present in the venue before the event. 

If cleaning fees are required for any of the above reasons, an additional fee of $60 will be charged.

The renter shall also be responsible for any damaged items and agrees to pay any repair fees in an amount starting at $50.


  1. Cancellation: 

Deposit is non-refundable. 


No refunds of the space rental fees thereafter will be refunded if canceled 14 days prior to an event, as your agreement to rent The Fantasy Life Event Studio may cause the loss of additional bookings or business. If circumstances beyond the control of The Fantasy Life Event Studio force us to cancel your reservation, The Fantasy Life Event Studio will refund all sums paid. 


If the full rental payment is not received 5 days prior to your event, The Fantasy Life Event Studio reserves the right to cancel your reservation without a deposit refund. Cash, Zelle, Cashier Checks and all major credit cards are accepted. 


  1. Rental Extension and Overtime Fees

If the renter wishes to extend the event end time, a request must be made 3

days in advance. 


On the day of the event, if the rental space listed above is occupied for more than 15 minutes after the rental end time in this contract, an extra $50 will be charged for every 15 minutes. 


Subject to the express prior approval and at the Owner’s sole discretion, use of the venue beyond the event end time hereinabove may be granted at the rate of $125.00 per hour. Each additional hour is billed as a whole hour regardless of actual minutes used.


  1. Smoke-Free Facility: 

The Fantasy Life Event Studio is a smoke-free facility. There is no open flame or frying allowed on site or any cooking that will create a large amount of smoke as our facility is not ventilated. No smoking in the bathroom. Any guests violating the smoking restrictions will be asked to leave the premises by the event staff.


  1. Site Decoration: 

The Fantasy Life Event Studio wants to make every event here a special and welcome experience. Therefore every effort will be made to allow renters to prepare decorations reflecting their creative requirements. No nails, screws, staples or penetrating items should be used on our walls. Any tape or gummed backing materials must be properly removed and in an extreme case of any wall damage, the card on file will be charged. 


  1. Lost and Found: 

The Fantasy Life Event Studio takes no responsibility for personal effects and possession left on premises during or after any event. We do, however, maintain a lost and found and will hold recovered items up to 30 days. Every attempt will be made to return any recovered item to its rightful owner.


  1. Storage:

If the renter needs to store any items in the venue the night before, an additional fee of $25 will be charged.


  1. City, County, State and Federal Laws:

Renter agrees to comply with all applicable city, county, State, and Federal laws and shall conduct no illegal act on the premises. This is a drug free and non-smoking facility at all times, NO EXCEPTIONS. Renter shall not sell alcohol on premises at any time. Renter may not serve alcohol to minors on the premises at any time. Client agrees, for everyone’s safety, to ensure alcoholic beverages are consumed in a responsible manner. The Fantasy Life Event Studio reserves the right, in its exclusive discretion, to expel anyone who in its judgment is intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or who shall in any manner do or participate in any act jeopardizing the rights, use permit, or insurability of The Fantasy Life Event Studio or the safety of its staff, guests, or building contents. 


  1. Conduct: 

There is absolutely no drug use or smoking of any kind tolerated on premises. Disparaging remarks or any type of physical violence will not be tolerated and will be cause for immediate expulsion. Client and guests shall use the premises in a considerate manner at all times. Conduct deemed disorderly at the sole discretion of The Fantasy Life Event Studio staff shall be grounds for immediate expulsion from the premises and conclusion of the rental period. In such cases no refund of the rental fee shall be made.


  1. Liability: 

The renter will be liable for any damage, legal actions, or loss of items, reputation, or business opportunities caused to The Fantasy Life Event Studio that occurs as a result of the renter renting the venue. The renter agrees to indemnify and hold the owner harmless against any actions that may be required as a consequence of the renter's use of the venue. 

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